Tuesday, April 28

Lakers win the Game

I just have to jump in here and say Yeah!! Lakers won the first round of the play offs. Next up will be either the Houston Rockets or the Portland Trailblazers. Houston is ahead 3-1 in their playoff so it could be them if they win tomorrow. Both are good teams so I am not going to pick either one to win. The Lakers will have to play well to get past either of them.

Time for bed now. I am getting stronger every day but 6 weeks in the hospital takes a toll. I never realized how bad pneumonia is. I have had it before but this time was really hard. I am walking with a walker now but I am getting my balance back so I can walk across a room with no help. It's only been a few weeks that I have been home so I have to be patient I guess and keep working on getting stronger.

Night for now.

Sunday, April 26

Playoffs shaping up

Lakers won last night night to take the series to 3-1. Kobe was the man!! Now it's back to LA for game 5.

I'm doing better. I am working on walking a few steps without the walker. It's still dificult but I get a little stronger every day.

I have started looking for a puppy. I am not sure what I want yet so I will just keep looking til I find her.

Gotta go get Jeff moving on dinner so we can eat tonight!!!

Friday, April 24


Well it was close but the Lakers lost to the Jazz 86-88. Like I have said you can't win them all!! It was a good game though. I have added a Widget to the blog so you can see who is playing when if you are interested.

I went to Physical Therapy yesterday. Boy did she give me a workout. My muscles are all sore today. I still did my workout this morning. The more I do the more I can do. I am trying to walk around a few steps without the walker. My balance sucks but I can go 2 or 3 steps. And I haven't fallen down which is a good thing.

Friday, April 17

Blogging Beautification

I have spent the last 2 hours making a few changes to this blog. I hope it looks prettier than it did. As I get stronger and can spend more time I will add more pretties.

I have let a few of my groups know that I am getting better and I have even gone back to mail in one of them. I want to take this time to Thank everyone who prayed for me and who kept me in their thoughts. I have come to discover that prayer is a very powerful healer. I don't think I would be here without the love and the prayers said for me.

Monday, April 13

This is the everyday stuff

On my journey thru life I have hit a few snags. This blog will give you some insite into the snags.

It's funny how things always come full circle. I am back after a 6 week "vacation". Most of my vacation was spent in a drug induced coma. You see...I got a really really bad case of pnuemonia. I has litlerally on deaths door. I was placed on a ventilator. I have absolutely no memory of any of this. I am not telling any of you this for sympathy. It is simply another way for me to come to terms with what happened and to continue to deal with and heal from it.

At the beginning of March I got a cold....a bad one. By the 6th I was not able to even move...I couldn't breath. My daughter took me to the doctor again and they sent me to St Paul to the big hospital. The doctor said without the ventilator I would not have lived thru the night. Twelve days later the doctor started bring me out of the coma. I didn't know where I was or what had happened. It took another few days before I even could associate a date with my world. By the 25th I had a better grip on the time- space reality. But I literally lost 3 weeks of my life. It was a very strange feeling. More later.