Monday, December 10

Knee Deep

Wow We got up this weekend to snow snow snow!!!!  It got up to about 8 or so inches.  I think it is done for now but it sure dumped a bunch.  The trees are all laden down with white powder and the driveway vanished.  My son in law got out there and plowed it all really well so no problem getting in and out since I had dialysis to go to this morning.  The kids were surprised and delighted to get their first snow day.  Trying to build a snowman was a daunting task though as the snow is very dry white powder and it didn't stick together   We ended up eating the carrot that was supposed to be  Mr. Snowman's nose. LOL

Thanksgiving was great food and fun as usual.  

Then life settled back into the before Christmas shopping frenzy.  I think I have almost everything I want.  As usual the money runs out before the list but what the heck!!!  It's fun to get those bargins with that last few dollars!!

Have a happy week Friends!!!


Thursday, November 1


Hope you had a great Halloween.  Around here we sure did.  Saturday Mike and Wendy took all the kids to town for the annual walk up and down Main Street to visit all the stores and merchants getting goodies as they went.  They scored some pretty good stuff, candy and other things and had a long walk to get all the places in. Then they went to a birthday party then.....the Haunted Trail which was a lot of fun for them.  Ghosts and goblins and all in the maze like trail.  Spooky but totally fun.  They were exhausted by the time they got home.  They all were fast asleep by the time their little heads hit the pillows.  Mom and Dad were pretty tired too.

Sunday they rested up from all the festivities.

Pumpkin carving night was great.  They all made the cutest Jack O'Lanterns and then put them out on the porch all lit up with candles in them.

Then of course last night was Halloween.  They all got into their costumes and went into town and Trick or Treated with their friends.  Man talk about a haul.  I haven't  seen so much candy outside of the market in ages.  Mom put it up so they will not go nutz and eat it all in one day!!!  Talk about a Sugar High!!  LOL

So Halloween is over and we are on to the next thing.  Thanksgiving!!  One of my favorite holidays.  This year we are cooking here.  I am not sure who else will be here but all of us is a crowd to being with.  I am going to look over a bunch of recipes and see if I can find something new to fix for a side dish.  We have the same wonderful things each year but I want to add something new this year.  I'll let ya know what I find and how it turns out as the month moves on.

Hugzz to you all!!

Monday, October 22

My Promise

Ok so I am a bad bad girl!!  I haven't posted here in a age or two.  I was showing Mikey my blog since he asked if I had one and decided to start posting here again.  Bookmark this page and check back often.  I will be sending some kind of notice every time I post so you don't miss a thing.  Won't that be a thrill!!  LOL

Where do I start.  My health is about the same.  I am still going to dialysis 3 days a week.  It is difficult at times but the resulting benefits are worth it.  I have lost 100 pounds since February and I seem to be leveling off now.  My clothes are all falling off me.  Wendy will take them in for me when necessary.  I have been in the hospital a total of 4 days with pneumonia since last winter.  Good for me.  I am hoping for a good winter this year and not be in there any more than necessary.  I am trying to get my lungs stronger so I breath correctly and don't get all full of infection and fluid.

Family!!!  I am still living with my wonderful Wendy and her family of Mike and 3 of the cutest grand-kids you have ever seen.  Laura is living in Simi Valley with two of her darling babies and boy do I miss them.  They are growing up so fast!!  My oldest granddaughter is in South or North Dakota .. I never remember which.  She is working on graduating with her GED and is doing wonderfully!!  I am so proud of them all.  

Mike's Mom Kathy has moved back in with us so we have a full house here.  Thank god this is a huge 5 bedroom house so we all have our privacy when we need it but none of us has to be alone when sick or wanting company.

Tyler is doing fairly well these days.  His platelette count is down in the low 20,000 but he is keeping pretty steady in that range.  He is feeling good and is an happy active little guy.  He is learning to read and his spelling is also awesome!!  He gets 100% frequently.

Mikey is 5 now and is in Kindergarten   He is learning to write and he is doing great with it.  He enjoys school and is attentive and polite.  He is still a little shy til you get to know him then he is funny and lovable.

Mallory is 3 and she is so smart it's scary.  She gets into everything and loves things like flouring the dog (Poor Bella) and rubbing hand lotion all over everything!!  I came home from dialysis to hand lotion all over my laptop keyboard.  I thought Mike was going to have a heart attack.  He grabbed the computer and got it all cleaned up.  I have now hidden all my stuff!!!  

I am going to go for now but I will be back and post at least once a week.  That is my promise.  So many things are happening......some good and some not so good and I want you all to be aware.  I also will be posting pictures and other things like recipes I love and thoughts I have.....yes I still do that on occasion.

I love you!!

Saturday, May 12

Doing Better

Well I have been on Dialysis since Feb and I am finally starting to feel better because of having it done.  I have lost so much weight with fluid and toxin buildup being removed (60 or so pounds) and some actual weight too that my clothes are all falling off.  Especially my pants, which can cause some embarrassment when they drop in awkward moments.  LOL

Mamma cat Sassy decided to get knocked up again and has given us her third batch of kittens in a year.  This time she had 6.  We have two males we kept from her first two litters, Bullet and Mac.  They are black and white and gray and white respectively.  They are the house cats.  The girls are outside cats but Sassy is the only one who makes babies.  This litter has 4 gray tabbies and 2 orange tabbies.  We don't know who the daddy of this bunch is.  We must have a new Tom in the neighborhood.  The kitties are 3 weeks old now and they are starting to get really cute.  NO we are not keeping any of them......maybe.  Mikey hauls one of the orange tabbies with him everywhere so hmmm......maybe.  The other night Wendy was feed and watering all the animals and saw that one of the kitties was missing.  After a thorough search of the house she got the flashlight out and started looking around the yard.  Turns out that when she made noise the kitty started crying and she found him in the shop.  He was hungry but otherwise no worse for wear.  Mikey had been playing in the shop and forgot to put the kitty back with his mom.  4 year olds....quite a test of strength for kittens.  LOL  Side Note**  Sassy will be making her trip to the vet next month so we can eliminate this problem she seems to have of not keeping her legs together.

I have been doing OK health wise.  I have had bronchitis and a sinus infection but my doctor has me under control.  A few antibiotics and steroids and I'm good as new.  I may never get rid of this cough but I have new nebulizer meds that break up the gunk so I can breath easier and boy do they help!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Check back any time.

Sunday, April 15

Temp on Friday

I was running a temp off 100.6 at dialysis Friday so to off to the Urgent Care Clinic.  Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection.  The PA gave me an antibiotics and told me to come back Tues if  I wasn't better.  Well I have a hideous cough that I have had since December and I hurt all over from it.  I do feel a little better but I can't seem to stay awake.  LOL!!
Bedtime for me now so I am putting in a Harry Potter and getting off to dreamland!!  Night All!!

Thursday, April 5

Back Home Again!!

Hi Friends!!
Well I was back in the hospital again...twice.  I had pneumonia the first and then they sent me home.  The problem was my heart rate was 140 which is way too high.  When I went back to the doctor she put me back in.  They tried chemical means to get my rate down but that didn't help so they did a procedure to burn a few places on my heart so my rate would slow.  Yeah It worked.  So I am home now resting and getting better.
Hope you are all fine.  Looks like spring will be here early so get all the sun and warm weather you can!!!

Sunday, March 4

Update?? Yep !!!

     I can finally say I am starting to feel better.  The Dialysis is tiring and sometimes upsets my stomach but I feel better with the toxins gone and all the water I was retaining.  I have lost so much weight in the last two months that everyone notices it (50+ Pounds gone at least).  
     Technically speaking the needle stabbing is no fun and I am bruised from armpit to elbow on my right inside arm where my fistula is.  That part probably won't get any better until the vein in that arm moves closer to the surface, but for now it's still pretty deep so there is a good chance of missing it on needle insertion.  Better than a port in my chest or something else equally nasty.  I was feeling not too good last week and I was running a fever.  Went to the doctor and get on antibiotics and steroids and I am feeling better now.  
     It is really good to be back home.  I can do a lot more things myself now and I push for doing more as often as I can.  I am eating a little better too.  I am actually a little hungry.
     That's all for now folks.  Thanks for looking in on me.  Have a great week!!!

Saturday, February 4

Almost Home

Wow it seems like forever since I felt good enough to post here.  I am improving but it is a slow process.  Let me elaborate.

December 19/20  I was really sick all of December but on the 19th it was so bad I couldn't breath so the EMT's came and took me to the hospital.  Once there I struggled to breath and at one point my Blood Pressure dropped to 25/9 and my blood oxy was 17.  I got my very first helicopter ride when they did an emergency airlift to the hospital in St Paul.  I was stuffed in a little cocoon and away we went.  I couldn't see anything outside and I probably wouldn't have seen much anyway cause it was 2AM.  I was there in the hospital in St Paul for 10 days or so and missed Christmas and New Years.  Then I was transferred to a TCU (Transitional Care Unit/Nursing Home) for strength and endurance help to regain what I lost being sick.

Part 2 started in the TCU.  I got a nasty infection called Cellulitis.  My legs swelled up so huge they felt like they were going to split.  Back to the Hospital again for IV antibiotics.  I was there another week and they were able to get my leg swelling (Edema) under control and I lost 35 pounds of fluid weight in the process.  So back to TCU again.  

I have been here for a couple of weeks.  I do my PT and OT and walk and walk.  I am getting stronger and I feel much better.  My lungs have cleared however.....

Part 3.  I am now going back to Group 2 days to help me deal with the depression and anxiety that goes along with long term illness.  The other thing I will be doing 3 times a week is dialysis.  Boy that was a tough one.  I have known for a long time it was going to happen.  But it was just something that was going to happen sometime in the future and I never gave it a lot of thought.  I have to now.  So far I have to say that it isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  It is definitely no fun but I feared being sick afterward and the only thing that I notice is I am a little tired.

On the Bright Side.....I am having a Home Assessment on Tuesday and I may be going home within the next week.  My desire was to be home by Valentine's Day and it looks like I will be.  Please pray for me if you do that or think good wishes!!  

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me here and keep coming back as I will be updating how my treatments are going.