Sunday, March 4

Update?? Yep !!!

     I can finally say I am starting to feel better.  The Dialysis is tiring and sometimes upsets my stomach but I feel better with the toxins gone and all the water I was retaining.  I have lost so much weight in the last two months that everyone notices it (50+ Pounds gone at least).  
     Technically speaking the needle stabbing is no fun and I am bruised from armpit to elbow on my right inside arm where my fistula is.  That part probably won't get any better until the vein in that arm moves closer to the surface, but for now it's still pretty deep so there is a good chance of missing it on needle insertion.  Better than a port in my chest or something else equally nasty.  I was feeling not too good last week and I was running a fever.  Went to the doctor and get on antibiotics and steroids and I am feeling better now.  
     It is really good to be back home.  I can do a lot more things myself now and I push for doing more as often as I can.  I am eating a little better too.  I am actually a little hungry.
     That's all for now folks.  Thanks for looking in on me.  Have a great week!!!