Monday, October 22

My Promise

Ok so I am a bad bad girl!!  I haven't posted here in a age or two.  I was showing Mikey my blog since he asked if I had one and decided to start posting here again.  Bookmark this page and check back often.  I will be sending some kind of notice every time I post so you don't miss a thing.  Won't that be a thrill!!  LOL

Where do I start.  My health is about the same.  I am still going to dialysis 3 days a week.  It is difficult at times but the resulting benefits are worth it.  I have lost 100 pounds since February and I seem to be leveling off now.  My clothes are all falling off me.  Wendy will take them in for me when necessary.  I have been in the hospital a total of 4 days with pneumonia since last winter.  Good for me.  I am hoping for a good winter this year and not be in there any more than necessary.  I am trying to get my lungs stronger so I breath correctly and don't get all full of infection and fluid.

Family!!!  I am still living with my wonderful Wendy and her family of Mike and 3 of the cutest grand-kids you have ever seen.  Laura is living in Simi Valley with two of her darling babies and boy do I miss them.  They are growing up so fast!!  My oldest granddaughter is in South or North Dakota .. I never remember which.  She is working on graduating with her GED and is doing wonderfully!!  I am so proud of them all.  

Mike's Mom Kathy has moved back in with us so we have a full house here.  Thank god this is a huge 5 bedroom house so we all have our privacy when we need it but none of us has to be alone when sick or wanting company.

Tyler is doing fairly well these days.  His platelette count is down in the low 20,000 but he is keeping pretty steady in that range.  He is feeling good and is an happy active little guy.  He is learning to read and his spelling is also awesome!!  He gets 100% frequently.

Mikey is 5 now and is in Kindergarten   He is learning to write and he is doing great with it.  He enjoys school and is attentive and polite.  He is still a little shy til you get to know him then he is funny and lovable.

Mallory is 3 and she is so smart it's scary.  She gets into everything and loves things like flouring the dog (Poor Bella) and rubbing hand lotion all over everything!!  I came home from dialysis to hand lotion all over my laptop keyboard.  I thought Mike was going to have a heart attack.  He grabbed the computer and got it all cleaned up.  I have now hidden all my stuff!!!  

I am going to go for now but I will be back and post at least once a week.  That is my promise.  So many things are happening......some good and some not so good and I want you all to be aware.  I also will be posting pictures and other things like recipes I love and thoughts I have.....yes I still do that on occasion.

I love you!!