Saturday, May 12

Doing Better

Well I have been on Dialysis since Feb and I am finally starting to feel better because of having it done.  I have lost so much weight with fluid and toxin buildup being removed (60 or so pounds) and some actual weight too that my clothes are all falling off.  Especially my pants, which can cause some embarrassment when they drop in awkward moments.  LOL

Mamma cat Sassy decided to get knocked up again and has given us her third batch of kittens in a year.  This time she had 6.  We have two males we kept from her first two litters, Bullet and Mac.  They are black and white and gray and white respectively.  They are the house cats.  The girls are outside cats but Sassy is the only one who makes babies.  This litter has 4 gray tabbies and 2 orange tabbies.  We don't know who the daddy of this bunch is.  We must have a new Tom in the neighborhood.  The kitties are 3 weeks old now and they are starting to get really cute.  NO we are not keeping any of them......maybe.  Mikey hauls one of the orange tabbies with him everywhere so hmmm......maybe.  The other night Wendy was feed and watering all the animals and saw that one of the kitties was missing.  After a thorough search of the house she got the flashlight out and started looking around the yard.  Turns out that when she made noise the kitty started crying and she found him in the shop.  He was hungry but otherwise no worse for wear.  Mikey had been playing in the shop and forgot to put the kitty back with his mom.  4 year olds....quite a test of strength for kittens.  LOL  Side Note**  Sassy will be making her trip to the vet next month so we can eliminate this problem she seems to have of not keeping her legs together.

I have been doing OK health wise.  I have had bronchitis and a sinus infection but my doctor has me under control.  A few antibiotics and steroids and I'm good as new.  I may never get rid of this cough but I have new nebulizer meds that break up the gunk so I can breath easier and boy do they help!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Check back any time.