Friday, January 21

Happy New Year

I know.....I am a bit late with the New Year Wishes but I have an excuse. I was in the hospital. It seems like this will be a semi annual event being sick and in the hospital. My kidney can only handle so much then it starts to shut down. When that happens my blood chemistry gets off and causes all kinds of other problems. To compound this while I was in the hospital I slipped getting into bed and fell. It really messed my knee up and it took a few days before I could even walk on it. I was there for 8 days so I spent New Years Eve asleep in my little hospital room. No worries tho...It's not like I'd be out partying anyway. I would have been asleep just in my own little bed.

I am home now and I am in PT to get the knee working better. I feel good and and stating to get my spark back.

It is so cold here today all I want to do is stay in hibernation like all the bears in our woods. It's noon now and the temp is -4......yes that's 4 below zero.

The rest of the family is fine. Tyler is going in for another bone marrow biopsy next week but we don't expect any major changes. Mikey is doing well in Head Start. Mallory is growing so fast now. She is starting to talk now and says a number of words.

Again Happy New Year!!