Sunday, April 15

Temp on Friday

I was running a temp off 100.6 at dialysis Friday so to off to the Urgent Care Clinic.  Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection.  The PA gave me an antibiotics and told me to come back Tues if  I wasn't better.  Well I have a hideous cough that I have had since December and I hurt all over from it.  I do feel a little better but I can't seem to stay awake.  LOL!!
Bedtime for me now so I am putting in a Harry Potter and getting off to dreamland!!  Night All!!

Thursday, April 5

Back Home Again!!

Hi Friends!!
Well I was back in the hospital again...twice.  I had pneumonia the first and then they sent me home.  The problem was my heart rate was 140 which is way too high.  When I went back to the doctor she put me back in.  They tried chemical means to get my rate down but that didn't help so they did a procedure to burn a few places on my heart so my rate would slow.  Yeah It worked.  So I am home now resting and getting better.
Hope you are all fine.  Looks like spring will be here early so get all the sun and warm weather you can!!!