Thursday, April 11

Gotta Love Kids

Wendy sneaked out today and went to the gym for an hour so I had Mallory with me.  We were watching Finding Nemo.  We love Nemo.  The part came up where Bruce chases Marlin and Dory into the torpedo tube and I am saying to the TV "don't you hurt them Bruce"  Mallory then, in her loud Mom voice, says "You leave them alone you Big Bitch!!!!!".  I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud but I managed to say thru snickers that she shouldn't say "that word" and she should call him a bully or a meanie.  Kids!!!  Ya wanna know what you sound like to them.....just listen to them play or watch TV.

I am doing OK these days health wise.  The pneumonia is gone and so is the cough finally.  Dialysis is going OK too.  My fistula is working well and I haven't had much trouble with infiltration lately.  My blood work is coming back into all the normal ranges finally and that also makes me feel better.  I am now trying to get more strength back so I can get out and do a few more things.  I am not a big shopping person but a trip to Walmart once in a while is fun.  And of course going out to dinner is always nice.  Pete's Pizza has a great Fish Fry all you can eat on Friday nights!! 

We thought we were done with the cold and that Spring was finally on the way but it turns out the liar of a groundhog needs to rethink his's the middle of April for crying out loud and we have snow falling as i type.  What's with that??  We had dire predictions of 10-12 inches but we didn't get that much.  Still it covered everything in a few inches of white stuff.  Thank god Mike didn't have to go plow the driveway this time.  Please pray to the Spring Goddesses to bring forth the flowers and leaves.  I am sick of white!!!

Not much else to report this time.  Everyone is fine here.  The kids are not sick and that keeps the rest of us healthy.  Wendy is still losing weight and is up to 50 pounds off.  She joined the gym last week and gets over there every time she can.  Not only is she losing weight but she has lost a lot of inches!!  She is looking awesome and we are all so proud of her!!  

My love to all of you!!  Be Safe and Stay Happy!!!