Friday, May 23

Looking Back and Ahead

May 22, 1965  I had just been to my Senior Prom with Reed,  the brother of my best friend on Earth, Linda Cruzen.  It was a night to remember.  My long dark brown hair was up in what they called a French Twist.  I had on a one of a kind dress that was handmade just for me.  It was made of white lace over teal taffeta.  I had on long white gloves and a large corsage given to me by my date.  We danced and had fun then went to dinner at a real restaurant in Sherman Oaks on the Boulevard  (Ventura Blvd. to the masses)  I got in late at about 1AM which was past my usual 11PM curfew but it was Prom Night.  Mom was roused by my coming in so I went into her room and we talked.  She wanted to know how my dance was and did I have fun.  She had me tell her what we ate and all about the evening.  She was happy I had a good time.  Then she said good night and asked me to send Grandma in.  That would be her mother Grandma Hazel.  I bedded down in the living room where I had been sleeping since Grandma came to help take care of my mom.  I was on the fold out couch dozing off when Grandma came back in and got my dad and they both went in with mom.  I knew something was going on but I didn’t think about what.  Grandma said Mom told her she wanted to go home.  I was tired and happy and I dozed back off in that haze.  The ambulance showed up a few minutes later.  They got Mom and Dad left to go to the hospital with her in his own car.  He got back at 6AM and got they boys and they all left to go to the ranch at Lake Hughes because he had something he needed to do there. 
The phone call from the hospital came in at about 830.  They didn’t say what they wanted other than to ask that Dad c all them as soon as he got to a phone but Grandma Hazel knew.  I guess I did too.  Mom had slipped into a coma at about 5 when my Dad had left there and she died shortly after that.  She was gone.  It was hard to believe even though I had known for weeks there was nothing they could do for her.  Liver Cancer in 1965 was a death sentence.  Liver transplant was all but unheard of.  It was something that happened in movies of the Sci-Fi variety but not in real life.
I barely remember the funeral except that there were lots of people there.  And after that nothing.  Not for a few weeks anyway.  Then I graduated from High School in June.   
This year will be the 49th anniversary of her death.  She is still missed by me and I am sure my brothers think of her also.  With the birth and growing up of my children I remember things she did as a mom.  I’m grateful that I have been able to impart some of those lessons to my own girls. 

Tyler is doing well in his recovery.  We found out this week that he is 100% engrafted with donor cells.  That's awesome!!  He was also approved to go back to school.  He will not be doing that until the new semester begins in September but That's only because there is only a couple of weeks left in this school year.  He will continue with his tutor til he gets back to regular school.

And finally me.  I am doing pretty good.  Had my eyes checked yesterday and I have no problems there.  I get a new pair of glasses but not too much has changed in my prescription.  

Hope you are all well and happy!  Love and Hugzz.....R