Tuesday, March 11

Home from the Hospital

March Is Here and it has already been eventful.  Tyler was home from the hospital after getting past his 100 day milestone and he ended up back in there due to a fever.  He is here in the local hosp so it isn't as bad as being in St Paul but still he is not home which means Mike and Wendy have to be with him.  

I also ended up in the hospital myself.  I had a spell of delusions or something.  I was not able to answer simple questions and I don't know but I was lost.  People were talking to me but I didn't know what they were saying.  I wasn't able to do the simplest things like dial the phone.  And I didn't know the answer to things like how tall am I.  It was weird.  They did a bunch of tests to see if I had a stroke and I did NOT.  So they don't really know what happened other than the possibility that my missing dialysis made my system toxic.  Anyway I got home on Sunday from the hospital in time to kiss Tyler goodbye as he left for the hospital.  

Mallory came in my room on Sunday and she looks at me and says Oh Hi Your home!  Yes. Then she says so are you staying???  LOL  I am for now.  Love my baby girl.  She is such a trip.  She is with me this afternoon because Daddy is at work and Mommy is at the hosp.  We are playing Barbies and have Madagascar in the dvd.  What a fun afternoon for the girls!!

We are all waiting with much excitement to get the kitchen done.  They have new flooring and all new bottom cabinets put in.  They work is almost done and our man Sherman says Thursday he will be finished.  The kitchen is going to be gorgeous. The counter tops are beautiful!!  The flooring is great and Wendy has moved the fridge to a new locations so we are adding a huge amount of space that we have never had before.  I will get pics posted when they get done.  I can't wait to be able to cook in the new kitchen!!

With Tyler's Benefit coming up in 3 weeks we are all busy getting ready for that.  We have lots of cool stuff for the auction and we have a yummy spaghetti dinner planned.  Be sure to check back here for all the pics and a review of all the fun we had.  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.