Friday, January 3

Welcome 2014

Man it's hard Io believe 2014 is here already.  Didn't we just do this??  And for this year's resolution I am continuing with what I have been resolving for many years now and that I have actually managed every time I resolve to do this.  I resolve for the year 2014 not to make new year's resolutions.  Ok done for another year.

This year is starting out rough weather wise.  We have been at or near zero for the last few weeks now.  And we have had some of the lowest highs I have seen since I moved here.  It's 6 right now but it was down to -23 last night.  Yes that's 23 below zero.  Our freezer isn't that cold for crying out loud.  LOL  I am hoping it will warm up soon.  But the outlook for the rest of the week isn't promising with Monday being the coldest at an estimated high of 13  or wait  that would be MINUS 13.  Jeez Canada take your cold snap back.  We are done with it now.

Christmas was wonderful.  Jeff and I went to the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis to be with Wendy Mike and all the kids.  They have a little one bedroom apartment there at the RMH and it isn't bad really.  One bedroom with two big beds and a nice set of bunk beds and then a kitchenette with a microwave and sink and an area for the dinner table and a chair and couch.  The bathroom is good sized and there are a ton of closets for storage.  Not bad at all for a little place to hang their hats.

Tyler is having a tuff time right now with an infection in his chest and his Hickman line.  The doctor put him on Z Pack and he seems to be feeling a little better.  But he still has a temp so he has to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after the temp is gone.  With the way he has been going it looks like he will get out on Sunday.  Keep your fingers crossed.  He still isn't eating but from all reports his taste buds are out on strike from the chemo and it will take a while before he can taste properly.  So now everything tastes like sucking on a penny or something metallic tasting like that and it's horrid for him.  He is wanting to try now though so that's a good sign.  They are still feeding him with the NG tube for now.

Mikey and Mallory are both ok but they are having a hard time emotionally.  They are tired and they miss their friends and their routine and being home.  So they are either crabby and snotty or they are crying.  Sweet little Mikey has been acting out and so he and Tyler either fight or cry when playing together.  It will Be better for all of them to finally have Tyler out of the hospital so they can all be together.  Then they can get into some sort of routine of eating and getting to bed and up and so on.  Until then I don't expect things to calm down.  But once Tyler is on his way to recovery the other little ones will calm down too.

As for me......well I am feeling pretty good.  This is usually my month in the hospital with pneumonia and I don't even have a cold.  Knock on Wood!!!!!  I am trying really hard to stay healthy.  Since the kids have been gone I have been up moving more.  I can get my own drinks and sometimes I even get my own food too.  LOL  Jeffrey and I have been cooking together.  I cook the stuff and he gets it all out for me then he cleans up.  We have it down to a science now.  It's way better than running to McD's for a sandwich all the times.  We have made stuff like couscous with mushrooms and we cooked meatloaf and I made broccoli cheese soup.  It was all yummy.  Oh and we made Lima beans from scratch.  Man that was so tasty we are going to make it again.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's.  Stay Safe and Happy and May God Bless you with all you need and want.  I love you all!!!