Thursday, August 1

Good Day Friends and Family.

The big news around here has been the weather.  It was almost 100 on the heat index with the humidity up in the 80% range.  It was horrid!!  Hot and wet was the word of the day.  It only lasted for a week but that was enough.  Mike put the air conditioner in the window for me so I could breath.  Even dialysis was warm and stuffy and that place is usually cool to down right cold. It is now finally decent again.  The days are in the 70's and the nights are in the 60's.  I'll take that any day.

We are all reasonably well here.  I continue on dialysis 3 days a week.  Some days are good others not so much.  All in all I feel pretty good tho so it is helping.  I am still tired most of the time and I am weak still too but I have been getting out more and moving around the house more now that the weather is nicer.  I want to ask you to help all persons on dialysis.  There are those in the government who want to cut funding to dialysis patients.  This will seriously effect the care I and thousands of others receive. Please contact your congressman and senators for your state asking to leave the funding at least at the levels it's at now.  I am sure you can Google the problem and find several places to respond to.  Thanks.  It could save my life.

Tyler has been having more problems with his blood counts being lower.  It looks like he will be in for the Bone Marrow Transplant next summer.  Of course I will keep you all up to date but you can also go to Caring Bridge and read his Blog. Wendy just updated his Journal.  You will need to sign up and then log in but it is a safe site and you don't have to worry about your email address being spammed.  He also has a FaceBook page.  Go to FaceBook then type in the search Tyler's Crew.  Friend him and see what the latest is there too. He reads well and loves to read his FaceBook page with all your greetings and comments. If you are interested in reading about his condition you can go to  They have a brief bit of information on what it is and so on. Plus they have a lot of links to get you more in depth information.

Jeffrey was back living here for months and months but has now moved back out.  He is going to be working at Polaris, where they make snowmobile among other things, doing security work.  Kathy has also left us after living here for a year.  She wanted to be on her own again so she moved back into the Sr. Apartments where she lived before.  I'm here for the long haul and according to my daughter yes I am not allowed to move out.  Why I would want to is beyond me but it is a joke she and I have.  I'm not going anywhere!!

I think I am in my 2nd childhood these days.  I decided that with my fingernails growing like weeds I would either have to cut them again or paint them.  I decided on painting this time....Blue!!!  What do you think of them??
Wendy didn't have any odd colors so being the good daughter she is she got me a bottle of Blue with a Green shimmer.  What a deal!!!  LOL

All the kids have had their birthdays for the year.  Tyler just turned 9 on June 21, Mikey 6 on July 10 and Mallory 4 on July 7.  It's a rough month for the paycheck but once it's over it's over til next year.  All at once.  We had a small family party for each of them on their special day then in between we had a big party for all of them.  Wendy and Mike got a ton of cup cakes for all the guests and the kids made a haul of toys and money from family and friend!!!

I think that does it for ths report.  See ya soon!!  My love to you all!!  Drop me a note when you get a minute.  Love to hear what you are all dong!!