Sunday, November 17


Sunday finds me ready to watch some football and the final NASCAR race of the season.

Thursday Wendy, Mike and Tyler headed off to the hospital and got him all settled in.  Machelle had the kids but they wanted to come home so Jeff and I had the little ones that night.  Friday off to school for them and then they were back at Machelle's but again they wanted to be home so she brought them and we had another sleep over (as we call it when they sleep in my room).

The stove decided to blow a gasket (literally) Saturday so Mike had to come all the way back (he had already been here earlier to get the kids) and he had the little ones with so they ended up spending the night here and in their own beds.  I think it worked out well because the kids were tired.  I was talking with Wendy last night when she got the call and they will be moving into Ronald McDonald House today so all is well. They will be able to stay there for the whole time Tyler has to be in or near the hospital.  Thank God.  We were rather worried about living arrangements for the last few days.

Friday Tyler had his full body irradiation.  Wendy said he was sick to his stomach the rest of the day but by evening he was feeling better and the anti nausea meds were working  He was able to eat a pulled pork sandwich for dinner.  Yesterday he started Chemo.  You can read all about what's going on with Tyler on his FaceBook Page or his Caring Bridge Page.  Wendy posts almost daily updates.

Finally we have some very cool bracelets that we are offering for a $3.00 donation for each.  If you are interested in getting yours please let me know and I will give the info to those who are handling the processing.  There is a photo of what they look like.  I wear mine all the time.  They are stretchy so can fit all sizes.  Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, November 12

Quick Update

This will be a quick update but start checking back often to see how Tyler is doing.  Also you can join him on Facebook here or Caring Bridge here.  You have to sign up for the Caring Bridge site but they do not give out your info so it's safe and secure.

Tyler has been in and out of doctor appointments for the past two weeks. They have checked every molecule of the kid's body and found for the most part he is very healthy other than the Fanconi Anemia.  He has the day off tomorrow and then he will check into the hospital on Thursday.  They all will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House as soon as they can get a room.  In the mean time they will get a hotel room for a few weeks if necessary so they can be within the 50 mile limit from the hospital.  Either Mike or Wendy will be at the hospital 24/7 with Tyler and the other parent will be with the little ones the rest of the time.  It is going to be a juggling act for a while but I'm sure things will settle into a routine when the actual transplant has happened.  That is scheduled for November 21.  They will be using cord blood instead of a live donor for the transplant.  It is my understanding that using cord blood eliminates rejection so that is one good thing.  Also tho it takes a little longer before it starts making new marrow.  So Thursday is check in to the hospital day and then they do radiation and then a few days of chemo before the actual transplant takes place.

I will be updating here and also Wendy will be doing updates daily on Facebook and Caring Bridge to a lesser degree.  Jeff has moved back into the household so that he can take care of the stove and outside animals.  He will be here for me also.  I am able these days to get myself food and drinks but I can't put wood in the stove.  The temp right now is 22 and it's 6:30PM so as you can see it is getting colder here.  There is no snow yet but there will be soon.  Jeff will be here to take care of clearing the porch and other areas where I have to go to get to the van and go to dialysis.  It's also safer for me to have someone here in the house in case I fall or do something else stupid.  :)  

Keep check back here everyone.  Also please say prayers for Tyler and the rest of my family.  This is going to be a long journey and we need all the good thoughts and well wishes you can send us.  

Love and Hugzz to all of you!!