Thursday, February 28

My Week So Far


I haven't been feeling great for a while now but  I got sicker on Saturday. Wendy was sick alll last week so we figured I got this from her.  For dinner Wendy made a wonderful Manicotti.  It was delicious but I was only able to eat 4 bites.  Bedtime

 I was really tired so I went to sleep.


I knew when I woke up that I was sick....I mean REALLY sick  At about noon  I asked Wendy to take me to the hospital.  She started to get the van but I decided I couldn't get to the van so she calle the anbulance.  They got there in a few minutes and got me loaded up.  Then off we went on the 5 minute ride to the hospital.  I got into an exam room and when the doctor came in apparently I passed out and stopped breathing.

The next thing I know Wendy is kissing my forehead as they are loading me in the helicopter to airlift me to Regions Hospital in St Paul.  I also found that I couldn't move at all.  Nor could I talk.  I had been put on the ventelator.  Back to nothing again then I woke again around 10. At that point I just fell back to sleep and let the vent do the rest.  


Today us a better day.  I can communicate by writing so they told me what happened and what they are going to do.  I get the vent out if I can breath on my own.  So I am working on that.  Several hours have passed now.  The vent is out and a really nasty bone marrow IV is gone.  I feel horrid and all I am going to do is sleep.  Sleep???  that's a laugh.  I am in a giant teaching hospital in the ICU.  They never leave you alone ever.  hehehe  when the doctor comes in he has a gaggle of other doctors with him discussing your case like on House.