Monday, December 10

Knee Deep

Wow We got up this weekend to snow snow snow!!!!  It got up to about 8 or so inches.  I think it is done for now but it sure dumped a bunch.  The trees are all laden down with white powder and the driveway vanished.  My son in law got out there and plowed it all really well so no problem getting in and out since I had dialysis to go to this morning.  The kids were surprised and delighted to get their first snow day.  Trying to build a snowman was a daunting task though as the snow is very dry white powder and it didn't stick together   We ended up eating the carrot that was supposed to be  Mr. Snowman's nose. LOL

Thanksgiving was great food and fun as usual.  

Then life settled back into the before Christmas shopping frenzy.  I think I have almost everything I want.  As usual the money runs out before the list but what the heck!!!  It's fun to get those bargins with that last few dollars!!

Have a happy week Friends!!!