Thursday, November 1


Hope you had a great Halloween.  Around here we sure did.  Saturday Mike and Wendy took all the kids to town for the annual walk up and down Main Street to visit all the stores and merchants getting goodies as they went.  They scored some pretty good stuff, candy and other things and had a long walk to get all the places in. Then they went to a birthday party then.....the Haunted Trail which was a lot of fun for them.  Ghosts and goblins and all in the maze like trail.  Spooky but totally fun.  They were exhausted by the time they got home.  They all were fast asleep by the time their little heads hit the pillows.  Mom and Dad were pretty tired too.

Sunday they rested up from all the festivities.

Pumpkin carving night was great.  They all made the cutest Jack O'Lanterns and then put them out on the porch all lit up with candles in them.

Then of course last night was Halloween.  They all got into their costumes and went into town and Trick or Treated with their friends.  Man talk about a haul.  I haven't  seen so much candy outside of the market in ages.  Mom put it up so they will not go nutz and eat it all in one day!!!  Talk about a Sugar High!!  LOL

So Halloween is over and we are on to the next thing.  Thanksgiving!!  One of my favorite holidays.  This year we are cooking here.  I am not sure who else will be here but all of us is a crowd to being with.  I am going to look over a bunch of recipes and see if I can find something new to fix for a side dish.  We have the same wonderful things each year but I want to add something new this year.  I'll let ya know what I find and how it turns out as the month moves on.

Hugzz to you all!!