Thursday, November 3

I swear the only time I update here is when I have been in the hospital and there I was again not once but twice in October.  I didn't have an October this year that wasn't full of needles and all kinds of tests and Oh yes.....My first taste of dialysis.  Boy that was fun...NOT!!!  And then I got home from that weeks visit and got pneumonia so another week in the hospital for that. 

I promise I will try to write something at least weekly to keep you all up on events.  I did discover something today that I had not given thought to before.....Don't drink Crystal Light Lemonade while eating Pink Nerds.

Saturday, June 25


I have come to the conclusion that watching TV should be done in large doses all at once rather than suffering thru weeks and months and years of a series. Case in point: I just finished watching 4 years worth of a show called The 4400. The series aired from 2004 thru 2007. The plot was murky and twitted. From week to week the good guys turned bad and back to good or from young to old. Then all in one episode the girl was 20 then unaged back to 2 then back to 20 again. I was able to watch all of this in a week and therefore was able to keep up. If I had to remember all this stuff over a 4 year period I would have lost interest at about Episode 5. The final year of the ah ow was so twisted I often wondered who thought up this stuff. I'm going to guess grown men and women who were paid big bucks cranked this one out.

I am now turning my attention to another gem called Tru Blood. This one is about Vampires who have decided they want to live in Mainstream America like the rest of us. They are fighting for Vamp Rights and they want to live in the open along side the mortals. I have only watched 4 episode of this one but so far I am going to hold judgement. I don't think it's supposed to be a comedy but some of the stuff that happens is so funny!!! When Bill tried to Glam Sookie I burst out laughing so hard I almost peed myself. I'll get back to you later on Tru Blood!

Wednesday, February 9

On another vacation

in the hospital. I have a gland under my ear that has gone berserk and swelled up like a golf ball. The pain is better today but the swelling is still pretty big and hard as a rock. I will be out of here in a few days.

While here I am going to make a tag for my list and work on my next scrap kit! Talk to you all soon!


Friday, January 21

Happy New Year

I know.....I am a bit late with the New Year Wishes but I have an excuse. I was in the hospital. It seems like this will be a semi annual event being sick and in the hospital. My kidney can only handle so much then it starts to shut down. When that happens my blood chemistry gets off and causes all kinds of other problems. To compound this while I was in the hospital I slipped getting into bed and fell. It really messed my knee up and it took a few days before I could even walk on it. I was there for 8 days so I spent New Years Eve asleep in my little hospital room. No worries tho...It's not like I'd be out partying anyway. I would have been asleep just in my own little bed.

I am home now and I am in PT to get the knee working better. I feel good and and stating to get my spark back.

It is so cold here today all I want to do is stay in hibernation like all the bears in our woods. It's noon now and the temp is -4......yes that's 4 below zero.

The rest of the family is fine. Tyler is going in for another bone marrow biopsy next week but we don't expect any major changes. Mikey is doing well in Head Start. Mallory is growing so fast now. She is starting to talk now and says a number of words.

Again Happy New Year!!