Saturday, July 25

Mallory Pix

Here are some pictures of my newest granddaughter Mallory! Grandma's not too proud of her beautiful girl!!! She has a ton of dark brown curly hair and the sweetest little face.

Click HERE to go see her album!

Tuesday, July 21

It's Been a While

I have been here just haven't done much posting either here or on my scrap blog. I am not fully recovered from my illness earlier this year. But I have come a long way. Today I got my license renewed so I warn you now.....Stay off the sidewalks. LOL!!!

I just recently discovered Harry Potter Movies. I know....everyone on earth besides me has seen them...but I am in the middle of the series. After I see the movies I plan on reading the book series. As with most book to screen stories the book will have much more detail.

My newest grandchild was born 2 weeks ago today. She has a full head of dark brown curly hair like her daddy. I think she is gorgeous!! Today was her 2 week weigh in and she now weighs over her birth weight....she's 7# and 5 ozs.

Dinner time here so I am off to get food! See ya all later!