Saturday, March 16

The Rest of the Week and Beyond

I was in the hospital for a total of 7 days.  During that time I had much antibiotics pumped into me and I had dialysis take pounds and pounds of nasty stuff and I came out on the other end feeling like a bar rag after a long night.  I am now doing better though.  The pneumonia is gone and the cold left over part is slowly receding.  I still cough but the seal bark is now better and I don't sound like I am losing a lung anymore.  LOL  My cough was horrid for a few days there.

Since I got home I had my 65th birthday.  I got a wonderful gift from my dearest friend Karin of a Samsung Galaxy Table.  I love it to death and I have so much fun with it.  Thank you Dear Friend.  From my family I got a brand new recliner!!  It is dark brown so it won't show the dirt so bad and it is as comfy as a cloud.  I love sitting in it.  If you know me at all you know I sleep in it also since i can't lay down to sleep with my lungs the way they are so I got a new bed too!  Kathy got me the newest Josh Groban CD.  It's wonderful and I just adore that mans voice!!!  My darling daughter fixed my favorite dinner for me which was Corned Beef and Cabbage.  My whole family goes yuck at the thought but they all ate some and we agreed it was awesome!!  Then we had singing nd my cake.....or should I say cakes.  Wendy made all of us individual mini bundt cakes.  They were so cute and SOOOO YUMMY!!!!!  Take a look and see for yourself!!

There were no candles but Mike explained that it was a no burn date and he couldn't get a burning permit so.......LOL.  Thank you all for all of the wonderful wishes for a Happy day!  It was that and more!