Thursday, January 31

Family Remembrance

Yesterday was my youngest brother Larry's birthday.  I don't know why but since I moved here to Wisconsin we have drifted apart.  I haven't talked with him for several years   But I decided that no matter who I had to call or what I had to do, I was going to wish him Happy Birthday.

After a couple of calls to other family members my oldest brother gave me the phone number.  Thanks Randy!!  I talked to him for a while too and caught up on all the news from him.  Looks like I am going to be a great aunt any minute.  Good luck to Sammy and Rich!  Hope Ella arrives with a minimum amount of effort.  You are in my prayers!

The weather here has taken a turn for the cold again.  Right now it's -11 if you can believe that.  Oh it 1015AM.  Man talk about waiting for spring.  And we had more snow too.  Now everything is just a sheet of ice.

Not only was yesterday my brother's birthday but it was also my Aunt Ruth's birthday.  We lost her recently.  I really miss her.  When I was very small my parents had to leave me with my grandmother and my aunt because my mom was pregnant with my brother and she was sick the last few months.  When they finally came to get me I screamed and hid from my mom.  She said I crawled under the table to get away from her and screamed I wanted my mommy.  My aunt was like a mother to me all my life.  I love her.

I have to get dressed now and ready to go to dialysis.  Larry I was so happy to talk to you!!!  We have to keep in touch!!  Love you lots!!

Bye for now!

Saturday, January 19

Redneck Dog Sled

I just had to share this little snippet with you all.

This is what my Grandchildren do on a cold Saturday afternoon in Wisconsin to amuse themselves.

Frozen Week

I just looked at the weather forecast for next week. The High for Monday is supposed to be -3.  Yes that is Minus 3.  Yes that's the high for the day.  It is expected to go down to -12 over night.  You want to talk about cold???  Well go ahead and whine.  But just remember that it has to Warm up around here just to snow.....which BTW is expected on Thursday.  Yes we are praying for snow. Something has to happen to warm it up around here.  LOL 

I have had bronchitis for about a month now.  I have been off and on antibiotics and so far have managed to stay out of the hospital and at home without my usual wintering in Hospital World.  This is the first winter I have been home for in three years.  Yeah Me and Yeah Dr Jenny for keeping me well.

Everyone here is fine.  The kids aren't sick.  The kids have all stayed healthy in spite of the flu going around school.  The boys are both doing well in school.  Tyler reads like a champ. His math skills are getting better too.  He is learning multiplication and division   Mikey is starting to read also.  He is doing adding and subtracting too and getting good at number and letter recognition and writing.  Mallory isn't in school this year because we didn't qualify for Head Start.  But Wen does a good job of teaching her what she will need to know when she goes into Pre K in September.  We are all working on getting Mallory potty trained but some days it is a total bust.  Other days she doesn't have any accidents.  Wendy got a potty training video that she and Mall will be watching. I asked if there was a book with the vid but there isn't.  I thought if there was Wen could beat the kid with the book.  She didn't see my humor.  Oh well.  hahaha

The boys are both in Cub Scouts this year.  It keeps Mike and Wendy busy too.  They had Polar Camp today.  They all had fun.  Tonight they are all going to see Monster Jam.  Should be great fun for all of them.  Nothing better than watching giant trucks smashing into cars and flipping over and all that good stuff!

Ok time to go but I leave you with this thought.....I recently have been watching a very cool show on TV called Criminal Minds.  At the beginning and the end of each show they do a quote from different people.  I love this part of the show.  I have heard some very profound quotes but this one I find exceptional:

In youth we learn,
In age we understand.
     Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Saturday, January 5

Starting the New Year Off

Wow 2013 already.  Whoda thunk we'd get this far.  I have been fighting off pneumonia for about 3 weeks now.  For the first time in three years I had Christmas and New Years at home with my wonderful family.  I have been sick but I go to the hospital daily for injections of antibiotics so I have managed to escape captivity so far.

Christmas Eve we all went over to Mike's sister Karen's house for our family time with all of them.  It was good food and great fun watching all the kids open gifts.  Chloe and Mallory are the littlest and those two are great buddies and Oh SO CUTE!!!

Christmas Day we were here when Santa came and dropped off some neat stuff.  Wendy fixed our traditional Egg Casserole for breakfast and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing.  I, of course, watched sports.  Friends Drew and Vicki and their 3 boys came over so I got to play Grandma to their little one Joey who is just two months old.  He is such a sweet little boy and already he is huge.  His nickname is Tank!  And he's so snugglely!!  Wendy is his God Mother so i guess that makes me his God Grandmother then right??  LOL

Dialysis is going as well as can be expected I guess.  My blood chemistry is good and the treatments are doing their job.  I have lost almost 100 pounds this last year. A lot of it was fluid I was retaining that dialysis has removed.  I have these skinny little bird legs now.  If I could get rid of the fat hangover in the tummy area I would be one hot momma.  HAHAHA  In case you can't tell my sense of humor is still in tact and my outlook these days is very good.  Trying to stay in decent shape is not for the faint-hearted.  I will be 65 this year and it has been a struggle at times but I'm finally officially here In my "Golden Years".

Stay tuned for my further adventures!!  Love to you all!!