Thursday, April 17

Happy Easter All!!

Hi there Family and Friends!!

Easter is just a few days away.  I always like to share little things that make me happy about a holiday and this one is no exception.  I love to watch the little ones go looking for all the eggs that pesky old Rabbit hid out in our yard.  Again this year I am thinking he will have to hide them on the stairs.......there is still too much snow out there.  But whatever happens it's fun to color eggs with them on Saturday and I love the smells of the ham in the oven and Wendy making Deviled Eggs. Yum.  Wonder if I can get her to make yams for me this year.  She hates those nasty things (As she calls them) But she always takes good care of her Momma.  I am guessing that as usual she and I will be getting baskets together Saturday Night when she is finally able to get the little ones off to sleep.  They will be up at 6 no doubt and it just doesn't do to tell then the EB was running late.  LOL

Tyler is home and has been doing better.  He still has a lot of problems with eating.  Nothing tastes good and when he does find something he is only able to eat a small amount.  They put him on an appetite increasing med and it seems to be helping slowly.  He lost something in the area of 30 pounds thru this ordeal so he has a lot of catching up to do.  He now weighs less than Mikey by a couple of pounds.  His hair is slowly growing back in.  He is going to PT twice a week to try and regain some strength and to get the muscles working but it's slow going and he is very tired.  He is so awesome tho.  And he does try.

Did I say it snowed again last night and so we woke up to 3 inches of fresh nasty wet snow??  Oh Well it did.  Oh and did I say it snowed and iced up all day??  Ok well it did.  Oh and BTW did I mention it was supposed to snow again tonight.....well yes it is.  4 to 6 but you know what liars those weathermen are. We shall see.  But yikes!!  Can you tell I am sick of snow?????  Well I am!  LOL

A week ago Saturday our little community came together In an effort to help the kids with all the medical bills that are mounting up due to Tyler's Bone Marrow Transplant.  It was a huge success and we are all just over whelmed by the response from our Town.  Another thing that is going on Monday is a restaurant in town is donating proceeds from sales of specific menu items to Tyler's Benefit also.  I can't believe how much love and caring there is here.  Say prayers of thanks with me to all the wonderful people who made this effort come to fruition.  Here is the quarter page ad they placed in the local paper.  Thanks!!

As for me.....well I have been being a good girl of late.  I have not been sick and I am trying really hard top get thru the rest of this winter stuff without pneumonia.  If I do it will be the first time in 5 years I have not gotten sick.  I guess I am doing something right and the man upstairs is looking out for me.  I am still continuing to crochet my little fingers off.  My next project is gifts for my niece's daughters who are graduating from High School in May.  Congrats girls!!

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