Thursday, February 20

Same Old Thangs

Wow Mid February and we are still having weather.  We are sitting here waiting for another estimated 12" of snow to fall.  The temp is 32°  But the temp will drop and the snow has started and so then we will have snow pack, ice and rain that freezes then more snow on the highway. Today's a good day here to stay indoors and fine something to do.  I made a big pot of split pea soup that's in simmering as we speak.  It smells wonderful and I can't wait to dig in and get my tummy full of warm yummy goodness.

I am crocheting these days.  I have made a ton of stuff and have much more to do.  I am making a few afghans for the Benefit in April for Tyler.  So far they are in several forms of not finished but they will be by the date.  We plan on doing the Afghans on a silent auction basis to see if anyone is interested in getting a nice home made throw for their laps during these long winter months.  And around here it stays cool at night thru summer so a nice cozy lap throw is just what the doctor ordered.  I am also making slippers and hats and all kinds of other neat stuff.  I have been using the wash clothes I made and they work great to get that dead skin off and leave a nice shiny glow to the skin.  I sound like an ad for one of those acne medications but really......this will work better and is a lot cheaper.  LOL

So on to the news with Tyler.  He is doing so much better now.  His marrow is starting to grow.  His blood numbers are on the rise and he has been fortunate in that so far he hasn't gotten any of the nasty virus' that these FA kids can get after the transplant.  So we are looking forward to getting him and the rest of the family back home in the middle of March.  Not much longer but it has been a long hard time for all of them.  You can follow along with him on his Facebook Page or his CaringBridge Blog.  The url's are over there--->  LOL   You can find it on the right panel.

And a quick update with me.  I'm doing great.  I have not been sick at all this season and the way I am feeling these days I don't think I will have the problems this year.  As much as I don't like going to dialysis I really believe it is what has made me healthier and feeling better and stronger.  I will keep it up for sure.  

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I love you mommy